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Wuka Period Pants, Heavy Flow, Midi (M)


WUKA 'Ultimate' midi brief period pants with heavy absorbency, in medium size. Period pants completely replace the need for disposable tampons and pads – every pair of WUKA period pants prevents 200 disposables from going to landfill!

Made from BCI-certified cotton, these pants are heavy absorbency, holding 20ml of period flow – 4 tampons' worth. Pants can be worn for up to 8 hours. Wear, wash and reuse.

  • Medium flow
  • Size medium / 10-12
  • Ethical Better Cotton Initiative certified
  • Carbon Neutral Product certified

How to look after your period pants:

HAND WASH: After use, rinse with cold water.

MACHINE WASH: Pop your WUKA period pants with similar, dark coloured garments and wash at 30 to 40 degrees. Don't use fabric conditioner. WUKA recommend washing any WUKAs with mesh or lace in a wash bag. This will help prolong the life and the strength of the mesh.

LINE DRY: Air dry your WUKA period pants outside on the line or indoors on an airer. Don't tumble dry.