It’s more than just a shop. It’s a way of thinking. At its most basic, it’s plastic-free shopping – but it’s so much more than that. It's reducing our impact on our fragile planet. It's making sure everyone is treated fairly. It’s about trying our best to do what we can to make the world a better, fairer place.

Founded in 2018 by two friends, Jaime and Laura. We had both moved to Cornwall lured by a sense of new sense of calm, stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. And while all those things are true, it was impossible to ignore the enormous amount of plastic packaging littering the streets and beaches. 

We’d both been trying to reduce the amount of plastic we were bringing home but shopping for groceries was becoming far more stressful than it should have been. And finding good quality, ethically sourced products threw up the same challenges.

The Good Lyfe is a plastic-free, ethical store in Newquay, selling zero-waste dry foods (including rice, pasta, beans, lentils, herbs and spices), refillable laundry and cleaning liquids, and personal care and homeware products. Customers can bring in their own containers (or purchase reusable jars or organic cotton bags), fill them up with the product(s) of their choice – only paying for what they need, and a huge reduction in single-use plastic. We also stock a range of beautiful, ethically sourced home and lifestyle products – enabling customers to be able to shop with a guilt-free conscience.

We want the world to be a fairer, kinder place – for us, for our children, for everyone.

Welcome to The Good Lyfe.