The Good Lyfe

Suede Brush


Suede brush, made from waxed beechwood and rubber, for cleaning and maintaining suede and nubuck footwear and accessories. The brush features a crepe rubber component, which is specifically designed to lift dirt and dust from the delicate surface of suede and nubuck without damaging the material. Here’s how it is typically used:

Cleaning The crepe rubber bristles help to remove surface dirt and grime effectively. By gently brushing the suede or nubuck, you can lift away particles that have settled into the fabric, restoring the material's appearance. 12cm. 

Restoring the nap Suede and nubuck have a unique texture, often referred to as the nap. Over time, this nap can become flattened or matted down. Using a suede-crepe brush helps to raise the nap, giving the material a fresher and more uniform look.

Removing scuffs Light scuffs and marks can often be diminished by using the brush. The gentle action of the crepe rubber can help to smooth out minor imperfections.

To use the brush, follow these steps:

  • Ensure the suede or nubuck item is dry.
  • Brush gently in one direction to remove dirt and lift the nap.
  • For tougher spots or scuffs, apply slightly more pressure but continue to use gentle strokes to avoid damaging the material.
  • This tool is essential for anyone looking to keep their suede and nubuck items looking clean and well-maintained.

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