Ostrich Feather Duster | 90cm

Ostrich Feather Duster | 90cm

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Measuring 90cm and with a varnished wooden handle, this is a beautiful, luxurious, plume of a feather duster. It's a classic piece of cleaning equipment for any home. This ostrich feather duster really  is the queen of feather dusters. Perfect for your delicate and sensitive things, ostrich feather dusters are particularly lightweight – and these are particularly beautiful.

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Redecker products are beautiful, practical and functional. Handcrafted in Germany, from natural, renewable resources, each product is inspected and tested by the Redecker family and employees. Redecker believe that quality and sustainability always prove themselves and that this must, and eventually will, become more and more important in our throwaway society. And we love that about them. 

- Varnished wooden handle

- Ethically sourced ostrich feathers

- Size: 90 cm

Because the individual feathers actually consist of a structure of numerous small feathers, they don’t simply “wipe” dust away but bind it. Ostrich feather dusters are especially light and ideal for dusting glass surfaces, fragile objects, or smaller pieces that tend to topple over easily. Connoisseurs appreciate their delicate softness as well as their thorough dusting power.
Based on the season, the feathers of the ostriches may be larger or smaller, thicker or thinner, lighter or darker. We have no influence over these natural characteristics. For this reason, each feather duster will vary – however, this is what always makes it unique. To guarantee a consistent quality standard; however, the feathers used in binding each feather duster are always kept at the same total weight.