The Good Lyfe

Facial Steam with Peony and White Willow


Natural, botanical, plastic free facial steam, blended with peony, white willow, comfrey sage and marshmallow.

Purifying, regenerative, stimulating & softening.

For combination to dry skin, irritation or redness, it also works well for mature skin. Great for regenerating the skin after winter or periods of ill health. Each bag contains enough botanicals for two facial steams.

Herbal facial steams are one of the best ways to deeply cleanse the pores. When warmth or heat is present, the pores in the skin open gently, allowing a deeper cleanse and healthier regeneration of skin cells. For this reason, pores should always be closed again with a mild astringent such as rosewater or witch hazel following each treatment.

Facial steam are blended in Newquay from natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Blend storage bags are 100% organic cotton (remove 

Peony With their soothing properties, peonies contain an oily called paeonol, an antibacterial compound which works to reduce inflammation, helping to balance redness and pigmentation and boost skin clarity and purity. It can also delay the signs of ageing due to its high antioxidant content.

Willow Represents purification and rebirth. It aids positive circulation and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Comfrey Deeply healing, it contains allantoin which can increase the water content of cells, keeping skin youthful, plump and hydrated. It also has the ability
to stimulate new cell growth, shedding dry, cracked skin cells, softening and soothing the appearance of the outer •layers of skin.

Sage The flower of immortality, has strong antioxidant properties helping to regenerate older cell structure and reduce the effects of free radicals caused by environmental stress factors, delaying the signs of ageing.

Marshmallow Cooling, calming, soothing and demulcent (softening for the skin). The name 'Althaea' comes from the Greek 'Althane' which means 'to heal' – it soothes excess heat and inflammation, calms and heals redness and skin irritation.


1. Clean or cleanse face as per your usual routine, just using soap and water is sufficient

2. Add around two heaped tablespoon of herbs per litre of water. You can either add the herbs to the bowl and then pour on the water or vice versa – but never pour freshly boiled water straight onto herbs as this will damage the gentle medicinal properties.

3. Place your face over the bowl covered by a towel 'tent' to direct the steam flow and relax, gently breathing in the scent of the herbs whilst the cleansing action deeps cleans your skin.

4. After treatment and light drying, it is a good time to apply a facial mask to pull out impurities from deep within the pores before rinsing and then closing pores with a mild astringent (rosewater or witch hazel is perfect).


PLEASE NOTE As with all natural remedies please do check the contraindications of any over the counter medicines you may be taking. Not to be taken internally.