Essential Oil | Geranium

Essential Oil | Geranium

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Geranium oil is the oil of balance; balancing the mind, emotions and skin. Geranium blends well with most essential oils and adds richness, complexity and a deep aroma to blends. 10ml amber glass bottle.

An uplifting and strong smelling oil with a beautiful floral scent and gentle apple like undertones. Blends perfectly with:

• bergamot
• lavender
• basil
• rosemary
• black pepper
• rose
• neroli
• sandalwood
• rosewood
• juniper berry
• lemon
• patchouli
• jasmine
• sweet orange


How to use geranium essential oil

Skin Geranium essential oil helps balance the sebum levels in the skin, naturally boosting the skin's health and natural glow. By balancing the sebum levels, the skin remains conditioned and soothed, helping to prevent breakouts in spot-prone skin.

Mind Geranium is calming for your mind and is often used in blends for anxiety and depression. A study of post-natal women found Geranium can actively reduce anxiety. Geranium in a blend can induce a sense of calm.
Body Anecdotal evidence has indicated that adding geranium essential oil to bathwater may be an excellent way to help edema. Studies have shown that Geranium essential oil is helpful on edema (link to study); however, more long-term studies are required.

Hair Adding geranium oil to a conditioner or hair mask dramatically reduces dryness and helps ease dandruff and skin irritation on the scalp. Helping to soothe dry or irritated skin, massaging the oil into your scalp as a leave-in mask, or adding it to your conditioner to treat sun-damaged hair or in need of some severe re-hydration.

Precautions when using Geranium Essential Oil
As with all essential oils it is not recommend using geranium during pregnancy, especially as it regulates the hormonal system. May cause irritation to sensitive skin.