Dalston's Lemonade

Dalston's Lemonade

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Delicious, natural lemonade made with Sicilian lemons and sparkling water from Dalston's, brewed in East London. With a commitment to people and the planet, it's easy to see why Dalston's sodas are our go-to on the fizzy drink scene.

Blended with real squeezed lemons for a zesty hit of flavour and a healthier alternative to the usual fizzy drinks. Absolutely delicious – and they don't include any added sugar or artificial sweeteners, naturally. Dalston's sodas are made with just three ingredients: real squeezed fruit, sparkling water and natural flavourings.

Natural • No added sugar • No artificial sweeteners • Vegan-friendly • Only 46 Calories • 330ml

Ingredients: Sparkling water, white grape juice from concentrate, Sicilian lemon juice from concentrate, Sicilian lemon juice, cold pressed lemon extract, natural flavourings.