Chilly's Coffee Cup | 500ml | Peach

Chilly's Coffee Cup | 500ml | Peach

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Reusable coffee cups. We've tried others but we always come back to Chilly's. Compact double-walled coffee cups that will maintain the temperature of your drink on the go. It's the ultimate plastic-free cup. 

Chilly's Series 2 Coffee Cups have an innovative new twist mechanism that creates a very tight seal. Whilst they are very good at preventing leaks, we cannot guarantee they are fully leakproof at very high temperatures or if they are fully inverted or shaken. 

Perfect for wild swimmers, cold water surfers, working-from-homers, new parents, or anyone else you know who always needs, but not always manages, a hot cup of tea or coffee. Series 2 Coffee Cups are also great for car journeys, whether you're dropping the kids off at school, or driving to a nearby beauty spot for caffeine at sunrise. Please note that they won't fit all car cup holders – you can check the coffee cup dimensions FAQ here.

Chilly's reusable coffee cups are available in two sizes: 340ml and 500ml.