White Metal Bucket | 10 litre
White Metal Bucket | 10 litre

White Metal Bucket | 10 litre

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Raise your cleaning game with this 10-litre white galvanised metal bucket with wooden handle. An eco-friendly alternative that combines style, durability, and sustainability. Crafted by Redecker, these buckets are designed to meet your practical needs while promoting a plastic-free lifestyle. This is the larger size.

Premium quality Made from high-grade galvanised metal, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Eco-friendly Completely plastic-free, supporting a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Versatile use Ideal for gardening, cleaning and storage.

Elegant design The sleek white finish adds a touch of elegance to any setting, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Sturdy construction Designed to withstand heavy-duty use without compromising on style.