Brewbix Dog Biscuits

Brewbix Dog Biscuits

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Natural plastic-free dog biscuits, made in the UK from upcycled craft brewery leftovers.
As the biscuits are entirely plant based they are also vegan friendly. Baked in carbon neutral ovens. Containing just five natural ingredients which have been nutritionally approved. Plastic Free. Sent in a paper bag. 

Crafted with innovation and compassion, BrewBix has ingeniously transformed discarded craft brewery grain and yeast into a delectable symphony of flavors that nourishes not only your furry friend's taste buds but also their overall well-being.

At BrewBix, a commitment to sustainability intertwines with a dedication to canine health. The core ingredients of these treats are sourced from upcycled brewery grain and yeast, giving new life to what was once waste. This sustainable approach not only reduces environmental impact but also serves as a testament to BrewBix's mission to make a difference beyond the world of pet treats.

BrewBix is a manifestation of the harmony between culinary innovation, sustainable practices, and genuine care for canine health. With each nibble of BrewBix, your dog isn't just indulging in a savoury delight – they're becoming a part of a journey towards a better world, one treat at a time. So join the BrewBix revolution and let your dog experience a taste of sustainability, wellness, and compassion in every bite.

Brewers' Spent Grain
Nutritious leftovers of the brewing process; predominately barley

Brewers' yeast
Dried after being used for brewing, and a smell that dogs love

Wholemeal flour
Gives our biscuit shape and real crunch

Helps bind the biscuit and great for dogs

Peanut butter
Because dogs love peanut butter!


BrewBix have been working with Holly Barker of Sport Dog Nutrition to ensure they can confidently say that these biscuits are "good for your dog".

Good for the gut
High in fibre which helps promote gut health by promoting water balance in the gut, providing a healthy environment for good bacteria. It will also help firm up poos if that's a problem.

Good for the coat
The fatty acids in linseed will give your dog a shiny coat, whilst the yeast is full of B vitamins, antioxidants, and loads of minerals that will help your dog's skin, hair, eyes and certain organ functions too.

Calming effect
Our recipe gives the Bix some serious crunch. Chewing and crunching releases happy hormones in dogs and promotes calm. The carbohydrates in the biscuit assist a good night's sleep by supporting the production of L-tryptophan.