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Bin Liners x 30 Degradable | 20 litres


30 x degradable pedal bin liners, 44cm x 46cm, with a 20-litre capacity. A unique high performance range of environmentally responsible bin liners made with d2w's oxo-biodegradable technology.

d2w technology accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product is no longer a plastic. A material which can be bio-assimilated (i.e. used as a food source) by bacteria and fungi on land or sea. Best of all, if it escapes collection and ends up as litter in the environment, it will degrade and biodegrade. Significantly in a continuous, irreversible and unstoppable process until there is nothing left. In the same way as nature’s waste. As a result, leaving no toxic residues and no microplastics.

Symphony's biodegradable products (d2w) are tested according to ASTMD6954 and other international standards. They were found to be Degradable, Biodegradable and Non eco-toxic. Symphony is a member of The Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (, the Society for the Chemical Industry (UK), and the Pacific Basin Environmental Council.