10 Easy Plastic Free Swaps for Plastic Free July

10 Easy Plastic Free Swaps for Plastic Free July

Jul 02, 2024Laura Peters
Plastic Free July 2024 is here!

But don’t let the name put you off.

It's a brilliant time to consider the areas of your life where you can reduce the amount of plastic in your home – rather than feel the pressure of having to do it perfectly 🌊 🌿

To kick things off, here are our top 10 plastic free swaps...

1. It's obvious but... choose loose and unpackaged food items wherever possible – this is easier in smaller independent grocery stores, farm shops and markets.

2. Chopping boards... these should always be made from natural materials. Each cut made on a plastic board results in plastic shedding – which is not something you want when you’re preparing food.

3. Reduce the amount of microplastics disappearing down the sink with natural washing up brushes, sponges and cloths.

4. Single use coffee cup culture is still huge. Avoid using single use coffee cups and replace with a reusable alternative instead – but don’t fill your cupboards up with them!

5. Replace single use wipes for reusable cloths. You can even make a little spray in a glass bottle to carry around with you.

6. Single-use plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss should be a thing of the past – there are lots of options available including bamboo toothbrushes, toothpaste tablets, toothpaste in glass jars.

7. Refill your shampoo, conditioner and body wash to make a huge amount of difference to the amount of plastic waste generated.

8. Use loose-leaf tea in a teapot, tea basket or infuser, or reusable tea bag – the thought of warmed up plastic in a cup of tea is just TOO much.

9. Reusable menstrual products just keep getting better. Traditional single-use menstrual products are loaded with hormone-disrupting plastics – making these eco alternatives much better for our bodies and the environment. Choose from menstrual cups, pads and pants.

10. In the season of the picnic, we have to give a shout out to plastic-free sandwich bags! We love these from We Care to keep our sarnies fresh.

Wow, there are so many more... BRB.

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