St Eval Dinner Candle | Ochre
St Eval Dinner Candle | Ochre

St Eval Dinner Candle | Ochre

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Add a splash of colour to your home with these ochre dinner candles from St Eval. Perfect for spring, summer, weddings and floral displays. These unscented, hand drawn candles burn for up to 10 hours – and were shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2022.

Burn Time: up to 10 hours
Size: 7/8'' x 8''
Fragrance: Unscented

Candles sold individually.

St Eval produce our own sustainable energy via wind, solar and biomass to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. With people and planet at the heart of the St Eval brand, their company values are focused on keeping traditions alive, treading softly on the earth, and a caring, open-minded and respect of individuality. St Eval have just been awarded The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2021.