Glittering a Turd | Kris Hallenga

Glittering a Turd | Kris Hallenga

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"I’m Kris with a K. I’m a half German 34 years old living in Cornwall with my cat, Lady Marmalade. For almost a third of my life I have lived with stage 4, secondary, incurable cancer. But I’m here, miraculously, living a life I bloody love."

Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer at 23, Kris started a national charity called CoppaFeel! to educate the world about boobs and life – and raising a massive £2million per year. 

"This honest and beautiful book is a story of resilience and doing life your way" Fearne Cotton

"This doesn’t read like a book about someone living with a terminal disease. Instead, it is a manifesto for how to be alive" Dawn O'Porter